You like coffee? Moreover, you think that coffee helps to socialize and connects people? If yes, then you agree with the message of Nescafé’s campaign.

The purpose of the campaign was to create a social media campaign which had to be connected with the offline world as well. Namely the coffee has socializing effect and Nescafé wanted to create something which connects and brings their clients closer. Additional inspiration was got from love locks which lovers lock their love in locks along bridges. From those ideas a campaign was born – Nescafé decided to lock up over 1,000 Nescafé mugs to benches and fences in two largest cities in Croatia. People got codes for the lock on Facebook and if they returned the lock they got coffee and an additional red mug. It means that they had an opportunity to share coffee and a mug with a friend or start a new connection. Like the ad says: “It all starts with a Nescafé.”

Client: Nescafé
Agency: Drap, Croatia

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