It was just few days ago when we brought you GE’s ad „Ideas“ which was a warmhearted story about a creature who didn’t find his place in this world (read about the ad and watch it here).

Fullscreen capture 7.09.2014 160138.bmp

The newest ad of GE has the same conception – it focuses on the emotional side of human mind. In addition, the both ads are made by the same agency.

Today’s ad of the day is a lovely story about a boy who beeps instead of speaking. Moreover, the boy can communicate with machines. Like the ad says – when you speak the language of industry, the conversation can change the world.

The ad agency has told that they wanted to create something which could tell an industrial-scale story at a human level to elicit emotion and the solution was about the boy who beeped. The reason why beeping was his natural language, is deeper than it may seem at first. It symbolizes that GE doesn’t have to put on a cape to have powers.

GE has promised even more ads for advertising industrial internet. We look forward to hearing about them! 🙂

Client: General Electric
Agency: BBDO, New York

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