Today’s ad of the day tells a story about a group of mates who arrives to a beautiful Scottish castle to enjoy time together. In addition, they change their time even more special with a help of a good whisky.

Stylish and enjoyable ad which director was Guy Ritchie and where you can enjoy the beauty of Scottish Highlands.

Client: Haig Club
Agency: Adam&EveDDB

eBay – Shop The World

“It’s a great big world and it can all be yours. Here, and only here.”

This idea comes from the latest ad of eBay which communicates the idea that you can buy whenever whatever seems attractive and wanted at this point of time – may it be a watch or a car. Like the lyrics of the background song says: “When you’re ready, come and get it” 😉

In the past eBay hasn’t launched massive campaigns in media, so the campaign is the first global campaign of eBay which is launched in the U.S., Australia, Germany and the U.K and in 2015 some more countries are expected to be added. In addition to the TV ad the campaign is also launched in smartphones and tablets.

Client: eBay
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

BBC Music – God only knows

Start the new week with a musical! Watch this musical-ad where celebrities like Elton John or Kylie Minogue take part and which has become extremely popular on internet.

The ad celebrates BBC Music’s love of music and there participates 27 talented musicians who presents different music styles but can still make something which sounds complete. This “impossible orchestra” represents the talent, diversity and musical passion found every single day throughout the BBC.

In addition to the entertaining purpose the campaign has a charity purpose. Namely, if you buy a single of the musical you help to raise money for BBC Children in Need.

Client: BBC Music
Agency: Karmarama London

Listen also the original version of the ad which is Beach Boys’ “God only knows”:

NESCAFÉ – Red mugs

You like coffee? Moreover, you think that coffee helps to socialize and connects people? If yes, then you agree with the message of Nescafé’s campaign.

The purpose of the campaign was to create a social media campaign which had to be connected with the offline world as well. Namely the coffee has socializing effect and Nescafé wanted to create something which connects and brings their clients closer. Additional inspiration was got from love locks which lovers lock their love in locks along bridges. From those ideas a campaign was born – Nescafé decided to lock up over 1,000 Nescafé mugs to benches and fences in two largest cities in Croatia. People got codes for the lock on Facebook and if they returned the lock they got coffee and an additional red mug. It means that they had an opportunity to share coffee and a mug with a friend or start a new connection. Like the ad says: “It all starts with a Nescafé.”

Client: Nescafé
Agency: Drap, Croatia

GoPro HERO4 – The Adventure of Life in 4K

GoPro introduces its new camera with a magical and visually enjoyable video. The video has been shot with their new product and what could a better way to advertise a new product than an amazing example.

GoPro has used also previously similar solution for advertising their new products. These videos have been also extremely amazing and have potentially power to make people buy their camera. Still, we have to warn that by watching them the track of time may disappear ;):




Lasinen lapsuus / Fragile Childhood – The Orphanage

Recently we wrote about an ad from Finland which was against smoking parents and where the message was forwarded in a jolly way despite of a serious topic (watch the ad here).

Fullscreen capture 18.09.2014 82228

Also today we bring you an ad from Finland which communicates the similar topic in a masterful way. Namely, the ad is against parents who are using too much alcohol. The ad asks that what if children could choose their parents?

Client: Lasinen lapsuus / Fragile childhood
Agency: Havas Worldwide, Helsinki

Also previously the same organization has launched videos to remind us that some children don’t have good life. You can watch the videos here:

Hopeless – True stories about fragile childhood

Promise – True stories about fragile childhood

Concern – True stories about fragile childhood

Voice for a child