Brandicom is a start-up from Estonia- a country where Skype and other successful start-up companies come from.

We started with market research in 2005. Later we expanded to neighboring countries Latvia and Lithuania, then moved to Oslo- to the capital of Norway, and then came Warsaw-the capital of Poland, after that Spain. The more time passed, the bigger fans of our field we became. We understood that even in our narrow field like advertising there is a need of modern research solutions – premonition and colorless huge tables are not sufficient any more. It is necessary to combine modern IT-solutions with reliable advertising research so that advertising testing would be easy and logical for all the parties and at the same time it would give high-quality and visually beautiful solutions.

This idea led to the creation of the first version of Brandicom. Then came the second and the third one. Until at one point our customers started to ask a Brandicom standard when they wanted to test next advertising – then we realized that we were doing the right thing.

Today we are certain about doing the right thing. We have wonderful customers – we have had a chance to make their work easier and to see their success closely. At the same time we do not want to claim that Brandicom is complete, it develops and grows also today – on the basis of clients’ feedback and experience.

By the way, we value global thinking and remote working and therefore we consciously choose partners from all over the world. Baltic States, Spain, Cape Town, Caribbean region – the most important that the people we work with are great and work is done with pleasure.

We are able to conduct surveys in most of the European countries. In countries where we don’t have our own panel yet, we have the opportunity to use our partners’ panels. When choosing partners we are following the principle that the standards of quality have to be guaranteed.